I’ll be in the ARTIST ALLEY, ISLAND B-9 with


Over 3 dozen fanart and original prints:  I specialize in the old stuff as well as the obscure manga stuff in terms of fanart.  And I draw a lot of Asian themed and fantasy stuff for original works :) 

Character charms, coin purses, sketchbooks and other accessories: Lots of bears and unicorns! 

Limited button sets: Red Riding Hood set and Avatar set. Might have a few random Moogles and Angels. 

And taking pencil sketch commissions (open up mornings and close as plate gets full)

And for entertainment value only, I will bring my copy of my Japan photo journal as well :)  Just ask to see it! 

More AWA sketches done with COPICS. Yeah, I’m really behind on October. We might as well pretend the month didn’t happen and got sucked into a black hole… 

A few comments — I know a few comic artists love mixing warm and cool greys, but I find it kind of weird, honestly… I think I just like one palette of grey OR at most mixing Neutral and Cold Greys…

Lightning and Snow are from FFXIII.

The pencil sketch is the result of a random question to someone about what a Wolf girl might look like.  I gave her two toned hair, some random sticks in her hair (because she rolls around) and an extra bone because she might get hungry later. She likes trees. I don’t know why (or rather, that’s the official answer even though I KNOW WHY.)

Yes. Brain is random. I spawn characters like people poop. :3 

Artist Alley 2011 at AWA was a total rage fest full of victimized paper cones and artists.  The smack talking got so heavy that we just had to take it to the AISLES MAN and resort to our pathetic version of kung-fu fighting.

From left to right:

Uncool ninja (s-girl.deviantart.com), super blurry ninja (http://pirrip.deviantart.com/), laughing man (http://hono-masao.deviantart.com/) and Urban street rat (http://puerdemon.deviantart.com/)